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Let's bake together!

Welcome to our Gluten Free Home-Baker School!

We are thrilled to share our gluten free recipes with you.

You now have 3 ways  to learn how to make delicious gluten free treats with us:


Register to one of our in person GF cooking classes 

Join us at Balsamico Italian Kitchen to learn how to make delicious gluten-free potato gnocchi from scratch!

Our skilled Chef Roanna Canete will guide you through the process, sharing their tips and tricks to achieve the perfect texture and flavor and Chef Elisa Borelli will teach you how to create a perfect Italian Sauce for the gnocchi!

This class is suitable for everyone. We'll provide all the necessary ingredients and tools, so all you need to bring is your enthusiasm and appetite!

Book one of our in-person classes in our baking facility in San Diego. They are hands-on demos, during which you'll help one of our chef instructors to prepare the ingredients, the flour mix, and make the crust/dough/filling.


We will add more dates and selections to our in-person classes.

12 participants/class

Register to one of our virtual GF baking classes and bake from the comfort of your own kitchen. 

You'll get all the tips from our chefs and share the live experience with our amazing GF community around the world.


Once purchased, you'll receive the ingredient lists by email and all the instructions to be ready the day of the live class.

Buy one of our home-baker recipe videos and bake from the comfort of your own kitchen. Once purchased, you can access the video of the recipe, get all the tips from our chefs and make the recipe together.


You'll have unlimited access to the video you bought.

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