Looking for a Gluten Free Kitchen to Rent?

2400 sq ft

Location is near corner of Morena Blvd & Ariane Dr., San Diego 92117.

Inquire via email or phone, 

info@TheGFBakingCo.com, or 858-270-9863.

We are proud to house a community of gluten free businesses in our 2,400 sq ft fully furnished gluten free production kitchen.  Rent would include use of convection ovens, stove, small, medium and full size mixers, fridge, and storage space.  Speed racks, freezer and baking pans can also be negotiated.  This is an FDA (rather than USDA) facility so cooking/processing meat is not permissible, but working with salami or cured meats is permissible. Client must carry insurance and be fully gluten free.


Rent is looked at on a monthly basis, not hourly.  Long term space sharing desired.  There are no limits on days and times, space is shared with one other company, so schedules are organized accordingly.  Additionally, there is opportunity to purchase from distributors at discounted wholesale rates for items such as flour, pastry needs, chocolate, etc.  Together we are stronger--come join us!