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Need our expertise?

Roanna takes great joy in consulting with individuals and gluten free businesses.  

She can provide coaching for recipe development, gluten free supply chain and ingredients sourcing, recipe costing, streamlining of production schedule, career transition, opening your own gluten free concept, and more!


We help you create your gluten free menu, either you are a bakery, coffee shop, restaurant or hotel - doing wholesale or retail.

We can convert almost any wheat recipes into delicious gluten free recipes or work on new products for your business.

With our 20 years of experience in the industry, we are able to create profitable and delicious gluten free recipes.


Sourcing gluten free ingredients can be very challenging and time consuming. Plus, most of the distributors are not familiar with GF and all the nuances it implies.

We spent months to finalize our ordering list and it is still evolving based on the supply chain.

We help you source the ingredients you need and find the best price to keep your food cost low while serving delicious baked goods.


You can loose a lot of money between the labor cost and the food cost if you don't pay attention to the way you create your menu, manage your inventory and organize your baking schedules.

We've mastered our team efficiency by analyzing all those aspects.

We help you organize your production for a maximum efficiency.

Dream of launching your own gluten free bakery?

We help you with all the pre-opening steps: from licensing to menu creation, staff hiring and everything in between.

We've gained comprehensive wisdom which we are excited to share with you to help you reach success in the gluten free food business and serve our your community.

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