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Serves 20.  Basic Custom Cake Orders include 3 layers of cake with 1 frosting, and 1 filling. Baker's choice on top and bottom boarder and an optional plaque with a message on it.




Pickup Locations and Times:

2647 Ariane Drive 

Monday-Friday 8am-3pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am-1pm

8-inch Cake Orders* 5 DAY'S NOTICE REQUIRED

  • GF flour mix (white rice, brown rice, sweet rice, bean flour), baking soda, xanthan gum, cream of tartar, salt, sugar, rice bran oil, vanilla

    Contains Eggs, milk
    Vegan: flax, no milk

    Frosting: shortening, coconut milk, rice bran oil, powdered sugar, cornstarch, vanilla, salt

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