Retail Location Coming Soon!

Our very own GLUTEN FREE BAKERY location is coming to North Park in Feb!

Announced by the Union Tribune, Jan. 2nd, as one of the most highly anticipated openings of 2020, our retail location will open its doors in February! This location in the heart of North Park will be a full service bakery (dedicated gluten free). From same day cakes to cinnamon rolls, wedding cake tastings to bagels; cookies, cupcakes and donuts, clients will find everything they need to live their best gluten free lifestyle (and many extras!). Packed pastry cases will please customers who wish to browse, while others in a hurry may order ahead of time and have their desserts waiting for them.

Coffee and espresso will be served in to-go cups to accompany pastries, which can be consumed at the patio tables on the sidewalk. There will be a large selection of dairy free items, as well as vegan items. Clients can pick up a same day cake or cupcakes from the daily selection and flavors.

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